Design detour, part two

On September 4th, 2010, at 4.35 in the early morning, we were shaken awake by a terrifying 7.1 magnitude earthquake. It was scary, destructive, unsettling, inconvenient and ongoing. Worse was to come but we didn’t know that at the time. After a while, we were back at D&A, continuing with our studies and doing our best to ignore the cracks.

School project: type as image exercise.

School project: anti-butt-litter billboard. The campaign had to be positive and focus on anti-not-thinking rather than anti-smoking. The illustration shows Christchurch’s Anglican Cathedral in happier times (before earthquakes damaged it beyond repair).

Inspired by an illustration by Tatiana Arocha.
Inspired by an illustration by Nicholas Di Genova.

Another couple of hand-drawn patterns (a dozen different patterns in total — all A3, drawn using pigment liner pens). Earlier this year, for photography, we were asked to make use of some of our patterns…

These made it into last Friday’s D&A graduate exhibition. One day soon, I would love to try my hand at textile design.

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