Star Trek

Stamp design, artwork – mixed media – student project, 2011
Stamp design, artwork – mixed media – student project, 2011

Star Trek original pilot theme music

Star Trek (1966-1969): The original series of 79 episodes has become a cult classic. “Space: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the Starship Enterprise. Its five-year mission: to explore strange new worlds; to seek out new life and new civilizations; to boldly go where no man has gone before.” Numerous movies and spin-off series have followed, including The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager and Enterprise.

My all-time favourite episode is The Trouble with Tribbles. I’m quite enjoying the movie prequels too.

The stamp design, poster and text are from one of my favourite student projects. Each stamp depicts an iconic science fiction TV series from the 1960s. For a recap on the project, click here.

Science Fiction stamp poster (594 x 420 mm) Stars and planets (background collage) courtesy of the Internet Student project, 2011
Science Fiction stamp poster – student project, 2011

10 thoughts on “Star Trek

  1. I was fond of the episode where they found a silicone-based life-form. Memories….I think the style you chose for your stamps suits the campy nature of these old programs.

    1. Thanks for the link — it looks wonderful. That series is a new one for me. I’m pretty sure it’s never been on TV in New Zealand : ) The ’60s was such a wonderful decade for cheesy sci-fi.

      1. Indeed.
        It looks like some people have uploaded this series on youtube. Of course it is all in German, but you could get an impression at least. It was kind of a low budget thing. Cheesy might be the right term. This stuff is a kind of Kitsch, but somehow it is fun 🙂 It is also very 60s!

  2. As a committed explorer, I was a Star Trek fan (‘tho would never attend those dress-up get-togethers…LOL). I could identify with their mission statement and would love to have been an astronaut (not an occupation suggested for young girls when I was growing up….ho hum). Love the drawing and your stamps too.

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