Up, up and away…

Anna Cull Up, up and away

…with 800 followers (including Facebook)! Thank you : )

If you’re interested in my art journey, my Facebook page Anna Cull ~ Art occasionally has news, WIP (work in progress) updates and photographs that aren’t posted here.

12 thoughts on “Up, up and away…

  1. Love WIP artwork, and artists who share it. Somehow there is integrity in showing in-progress art. It is interesting and informative, both good blog attributes.
    I like the picture you are working at, both the artwork and the subject matter, but what makes it so fun is that we get to see your hand in the picture.
    Nice posting!

    1. Hi and thank you. I love your profile pic!
      The main reason I started a FB art page was to cater for those who don’t follow blogs… most of the really important stuff gets posted on both sites ; )

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