Shoot it, Sketch it: First impressions

Dunedin, photo montage, 2013
Dunedin, photo montage, 2013
Work in progress # 1 – underpainting
Work in progress # 1 – underpainting

I was so impressed with Dunedin’s gorgeous architecture when we were there on holiday last month that I went mad taking photographs ― but then I couldn’t decide which one to paint first… So I arranged a few favourites based on a nine-square grid (editing it in Photoshop and adding a few extra cabbage trees here and there). And now I’m painting it. This may take a while.

6 thoughts on “Shoot it, Sketch it: First impressions

  1. I’m a patient kind of person Anna 🙂 look forward to the next one … this is going to be really interesting I can see already !
    I must admit to feeling rather slack on the Shoot it Sketch it front but am sure I will gravitate back soon 🙂

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