Shoot it, Sketch it: Encore

Snowflakes, July 2014 — ink, watercolour and gouache study, 130 x 180 mm
Snowflakes, July 2014 — ink, watercolour and gouache study, 130 x 180 mm
Snowflakes (detail)
Snowflakes (detail)

The snowflakes are back. This is my second study of a photograph I took in the Christchurch Botanic Gardens last spring. It’s looser and more dramatic than the original sketch (below). I really went to town adding watercolour pencil over the top of an ink and watercolour sketch. Using the pencils wet (by dipping them in water) and then drawing on the wet sketch not only produced some wonderfully intense colours, it also added a rather nice texture. It’s a technique that definitely warrants further investigation… My thanks again to everyone who voted in the poll and asked me to draw this one again.

Original photograph and sketch #1
Original photograph and sketch #1

8 thoughts on “Shoot it, Sketch it: Encore

  1. Love it Anna this new technique works really well … love the boldness whilst at the same time keeping the flower’s delicacy .
    Glad you went to town !

    1. ps I’ve had to do a re follow your email sometimes gets bundled in with WP weekly things .. don’t ask me why Lol

      1. Thanks for the comments, Poppy : )

        …and I won’t ask you why WP does anything — let’s just call it one of life’s little mysteries (of which there are so many).

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