If things don’t go according to plan…

Christchurch Art Show 2016 exhibition plan
Christchurch Art Show 2016 exhibition plan

…it’s still good to have one, right? I can’t believe it’s almost time to set up for The Christchurch Art Show. It certainly doesn’t seem like a year since the last one.

I have several new works on offer this year, including the freshly varnished aerial landscapes, ‘Purple Haze’, the house with the rusty tin roof, and the ‘On the Road Again’ biker. The extra panel (I have three this year compared to two last year) gives me a bit more room to spread out and I think it’s a more cohesive collection this time around.

Tomorrow is opening night. I’ll try to remember to take some photos : )

The Christchurch Art Show
*** Show Days 24th–26th June ***
Wigram Air Force Museum, Christchurch, NZ

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