Inner Critic

I painted ‘My inner critic is no expert’ as a reminder : )

There are days when we are so critical of ourselves… days when we think we can’t or we try but things don’t go well and so we decide we won’t… days when the little things overwhelm us and the bigger picture is nowhere to be seen.

Even if they are few and far between, these days still lurk. They return time and time again. Maybe I’ve just painted* the best thing I’ve ever painted and I feel on top of the world. I move on to the next one and nothing goes right. But why? Yesterday it was easy. Yesterday was a joy. Yesterday I even felt like an artist.

Mark Romer famously referred to this as part of The Creative Process and Danny Gregory has devoted an entire book to the subject (‘Shut Your Monkey’). Yes, I’m a big fan of laughing at our inner critic. We do not ~ repeat NOT ~ have to take them seriously.

Okay, sometimes it’s easier said than done. But worthwhile things are very rarely easy. And creating art, no matter what anyone says, is most definitely worthwhile.

* feel free to substitute any creative activity you enjoy for “painted”

8 thoughts on “Inner Critic

  1. Um, I collect the ‘painting’ of other artists as I can afford to (small, small scale) and get gifted refrigerator art from the next generation of painters – but, I do so love this painting and post! I guess, my share will have to be what I ‘write/say’ to my inner critic when it strikes…

    “oh hush up! For today, at least, having taken a stab at it, it is no longer my circus or my monkey(s) until I ponder/rest some and try, try again… – do be quiet – do you need a story? a song? a poem? what will get you to go to sleep? It’s bedtime and no, no more drinks of water, either…” – πŸ˜€
    Yes, I treat mine like the child unit it sometimes is – πŸ™‚

      1. Well, it works for me – but you know my motto “whatever works” and belief that probably will need tweaking on individual and over time, usage! πŸ˜€

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