Today is a good day

Above and Beyond, diptych, 2016 — acrylic on canvas, 760 x 505 mm (each canvas)
Above and Beyond, diptych, 2016 — acrylic on canvas, 760 x 505 mm (each canvas). SOLD

I had a lot of fun with these paintings. I hope it shows. I don’t often say whether I’m happy with my paintings or not, mainly because I don’t think it’s relevant; once they’re done, they’re done. Well, I’m really really happy with these two. Yes, today is a good day.

I’m reminded of Marcus Romer’s brilliant tweet which went viral several years ago and is still often quoted:

The Creative Process
1. This is awesome
2. This is tricky
3. This is shit
4. I am shit
5. This might be ok
6. This is awesome

How strange that so many (if not all) creative people experience this process. It may be something you experience during a single project, a challenge that tests you and takes you from one extreme to the other and back again, or it can take many months. I’ve just been through one that’s lasted almost four months, so I’m happy to be back on top of things — especially with the Christchurch Art Show only six weeks away. I’ve signed up for three panels this year (I had two last year) and I wanted these paintings finished for the opening night exhibition. It’s nice to be ahead of schedule for a change.

The Christchurch Art Show, 23rd–26th June at Wigram Air Force Museum.

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