Chasing the Light

‘Chasing the Light’ — acrylic on canvas, 405 x 510 mm, 2020. SOLD

‘Chasing the Light’ is an old painting that I’ve almost completely reworked ~ and it’s bonkers! Only the road and the sky are relatively untouched. I was spring cleaning the studio when I discovered this painting which I thought I’d already painted over. It used to go by the name of ‘Summer Roads’ (see below) and was painted in 2016. The subject and composition still appealed to me but I no longer liked the colours or tonal values, so I renamed it ‘Chasing the Light’ and painted over it, adding lines and highlights with acrylic paint markers (oh so much fun) and gold paint (probably not real gold) and even more paint.

I listed it on Trade Me (NZ) last week and it only took two days to sell! Admittedly I didn’t have a big price tag on it… (I am still spring cleaning, after all) but even so, I think two days must be a new personal record : )

‘Summer Roads’ 2016 — in need of a bit of a zhuzh and now reinvented as ‘Chasing the Light’
‘Chasing the Light’ in the Drawing Room

5 thoughts on “Chasing the Light

  1. I love your painting. Well done on the sale! May I ask you – can you recommend a good gold paint for using with acrylic? I have tried a few with not much success. The one on your painting looks effective.

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