Back to school

The D&A Foundation course was six months of painting, drawing, photography, printing, design and model making. I took this photo for the course at dusk using an eight-second exposure. Sadly, the copper dome on the ANZ Bank Chambers came down the following year as a result of the February 22nd earthquake. The moving statue Nucleus has survived.

Two other photos taken during the course. They show central Christchurch a few months before it was damaged by earthquakes in 2010.

Two sections of an A3 ink drawing — a ‘mark making’ exercise.

A page from my D&A Foundation portfolio: guitars made from clothing and accessories.

Another portfolio page: what Barbie’s bedroom might look like when she retires. The model is made of paper, wire, modelling clay, polystyrene and fabric.

4 thoughts on “Back to school

  1. Man, I remember visiting that city… a long time ago, like about last year. 😦

    At least Nucleus is still there. I think the Majestic’s on the list, though.

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