Love Your Body campaign poster

Love the shape you're in – mixed media, 297 x 210 mm, 2012.
Love the shape you’re in – mixed media, 297 x 210 mm, 2012.

Here is my entry for a poster competition run by the NOW Foundation promoting the positive, healthy, inclusive portrayal of girls and women. Yes, another competition. It’s been a busy month.

My aim was to put a positive spin on the idea of body types and to create an image that would make people smile. All too often, we hear ‘pear’ and ‘apple’ shapes (et cetera) described as problems that require fixing in some way. Instead, celebrate your shape because it’s all natural and naturally beautiful. Love the shape you’re in!

The fruit characters are ink and acrylic — one is a self-portrait : )  The background collage was created using paper and gesso. I added the heart spotlight in Photoshop.

14 thoughts on “Love Your Body campaign poster

    1. I think the body shape concept is fruitamentally flawed : ) I’ve fallen for the whole ‘put yourself in a box’ thing many times. I’ve even bought books on the subject. I’m a lot happier now that I’m marching to the beat of my own heart. Thanks for your support.

  1. Great work – can’t think of anything pithy to add – smile as you groan at the appealing puns 🙂

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