The Word is Love

The Word is Love – billboard design – acrylic on board, 2012.
The Word is Love – billboard design – mixed media, 2012.

This is my entry for the Embracing Our Differences billboard design competition. The centrepiece of the project — which is a celebration of diversity and inclusion — is an outdoor art exhibition featuring 39 billboards created by artists, writers and students from all over the world. It will run during April–May in Sarasota, Florida. 2013 will be the project’s 10th anniversary. Whether this makes it into the exhibition or not, it was a lot of fun to research and paint.

12 thoughts on “The Word is Love

    1. Thanks, Leslie. That’s exactly why I enter competitions (and there have been quite a few over the last couple of months) — it’s all about the challenge. I like working to a brief and if there’s a worthy cause behind it, that’s even better : )

  1. I like your outlook Anna – re above- and jolly good luck with the comp !
    I have to admit I only recognised 4 versions in The Word is Love but totally embrace the message !!!
    Shows how much research I would have to do for a project like this 😉

    1. Thanks! I think I knew six before I started this project. I wanted to include a lot more but thought the billboard was getting a little crowded. I painted three blank bubbles to represent the other languages : ) I’m really glad you like it.

    1. Wow. Really? Thank you! I’ll have to give my ‘acceptance speech’ a bit of thought. I’m looking forward to the next installment of your story, Fictional Machines : )

      1. You’re welcome! Oh, and no rush, take your time! I’m glad that you are enjoying the story, I’m currently working on a couple long chapters while trying to catch up on all of these awards! Thanks for reading & keep up the great work!

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