Lost in Space

Stamp design, artwork – mixed media – student project, 2011
Stamp design, artwork – mixed media – student project, 2011

I used to love this series. It had the best robot EVER. And the theme music was fabulous too! It was written by John Williams — yes, the same John Williams who wrote the music for Star Wars. Click on the link below to hear the original Lost in Space theme music* (note: it takes about 40 seconds before it really gets started)…

Lost in Space theme music

Lost In Space (1965-1968): The year is 1997. The crew of the Jupiter 2 leaves an overpopulated Earth in the hope of finding a suitable world to colonise but an act of sabotage causes them to crash on an unknown planet. The stamp features images from the opening credits as well as the talking robot made famous by the series.

The stamp design, poster and text are from one of my favourite student projects. Each stamp depicts an iconic science fiction TV series from the 1960s. For a recap on the project, click here.

*I’ve just discovered a cool site with free TV theme tunes — so I’ve added a couple of groovy audio links to my The Prisoner and Star Trek stamp posts : )

Science Fiction stamp poster (594 x 420 mm) Stars and planets (background collage) courtesy of the Internet Student project, 2011
Science Fiction stamp poster – student project, 2011

9 thoughts on “Lost in Space

  1. Great stamp design! My guy used to watch this growing up. I don’t hesitate to remind him that it was “before my time.” Ha! “Danger, Will Robinson!” is still in his vocabulary! I did NOT know the music was written by John Williams. What a trip. Can’t wait to drop that little bit of Lost in Space Trivia on him!

    Do you have a channel over there that shows these old programs? We do. It’s almost painful to see them as an adult and with a history of modern programming in your memory banks. Kind of ruins the nostalgia for me. I avoid it. 🙂

    1. No, we don’t have a dedicated ‘old program’ channel (at least not one that I’m aware of). I would’ve seen this in the ’70s and then again a few years ago when it was repeated on TV — for some random reason — and I saw the pilot for the first time ever. Now THAT was a trip (pun intended)!

  2. I, too, loved this as a kid, along with all the other scifi’s you have featured in this series (except the Jetsons, which I liked, but it was just a cartoon, and My Favorite Martian, which I liked, but it was just a comedy). I, too, loved the robot… it was over a decade before I realised/learned he was basically stollen from the awesome Forbidden Planet, with gorgeous Anne Francis (and a handsome young Leslie Nielsen!). I saw Forbidden Planet when I was 19 or 20, about 23 years after it came out, and was totally blown away by the special effects, even then… imagine how awesome they would have seemed in 1956!
    Still love the Lost In Space music and, I’m not at all ashamed to say, I loved the remake, with Matt LiBlank, Lacy Chabert, Gary Oldman, William Hurt, Mimi Rogers and Heather Graham… I have watched it at least 8 times, and still love it; I know you and dozens of others slag it off, but cannot understand why.

    1. Hi Chris. Actually, I quite liked some aspects of the Lost in Space movie. I take it you’re referring to the comment I made that “not everything benefits from being remade”… I feel that way about quite a few remakes of ’60s shows — for me, they tend to lose their retro charm in amongst the flashy special effects (don’t get me wrong — I love SFX) and sometimes the characters are rewritten too much. But that’s just one fan’s opinion : ) And perhaps I should add that I really, REALLY don’t like spiders. You can’t please all the people all the time.

      P.S. I’ve just learnt that the Lost in Space robot and Robby the Robot (from Forbidden Planet) have their own IMDb pages — how funny is that!

  3. “Ah, the pain” and Winter Owl’s already mentioned the iconic: “Never fear, Smith is here!” WArning Warning…. the memories are flooding back to me, with the music in the background. The gorgeous Don and Judy….and Penny was my favourite character.

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