Stamp design, artwork – mixed media – student project, 2011
Stamp design, artwork – mixed media – student project, 2011

Five…  four…  three…  two…  one…  Thunderbirds are go!!! (Click here to listen to the theme music.)

Thunderbirds (1965-1966): A marionette puppet series (dubbed ‘supermarionation’ by the show’s creator, Gerry Anderson) set in the then-future of the 21st Century. It follows the adventures of the secret organisation International Rescue. The stamp is inspired by the countdown in the opening title sequence.

The stamp design, poster and text are from one of my favourite student projects. Each stamp depicts an iconic science fiction TV series from the 1960s. For a recap on the project, click here.

Science Fiction stamp poster (594 x 420 mm) Stars and planets (background collage) courtesy of the Internet Student project, 2011
Science Fiction stamp poster – student project, 2011

3 thoughts on “Thunderbirds

  1. This is one I’ve never heard of. Is it the inspiration for the satirical “Team America: World Police” movie, I wonder??? Great work, as always!

    1. Never heard of the classic Thunderbirds – really??? Anyway, yes it was the ‘inspiration’ for the Team America movie. Great series to watch when I was young, although it was technically surpassed by Captain Scarlet and Joe 90, when the heads were able to be created at an accurate size, due to miniatuarisation of components.

      1. Thanks, Doubleblue! Now I know! If it wasn’t being re-run in the early ’70’s, I missed it.

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