A crafty vintage

© Sandra Fleck 2013
© 2013 Sandra Fleck

I made these faux wine labels for Sandra a.k.a. bagirl as props when we photographed her wine courier bags. Never one to let a design opportunity pass by, I made use of the watercolour background that I painted for her business cards/product labels.

© Sandra Fleck 2013
© 2013 Sandra Fleck

And here they are in their supporting role with a couple of the wine couriers. Sandra and her bags will also be at Saturday’s craft fair in Halswell (Christchurch, New Zealand)*. Click here for details.

* PLEASE NOTE: Unfortunately, the craft fair was cancelled. Organisers say there were not enough stall holders to make it worthwhile holding the event.

4 thoughts on “A crafty vintage

  1. Lovely! I like how you used the motif from the tags/cards, which are really cool (as are Sandra’s bags–a nice idea to make a complete gift out of a budget-friendly bottle of wine :-)).

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