Go after it

Magnolia study – ink and watercolour, 140 x 170 mm, 2016
Magnolia study – ink and watercolour, 140 x 170 mm, 2016
Magnolia, Mona Vale, Christchurch, 2013
Magnolias at Mona Vale, Christchurch, 2013

“You can’t wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club.” Jack London

3 thoughts on “Go after it

  1. Love this. Maybe because it’s serendipitous. (Even if I spelled it wrong. But I don’t think I did. Ha.) I’m putting up a blog post about this very thing tomorrow. Too bad I didn’t say it in two sentences. Ha. Lovely magnolia, by the way.

    1. Thanks : ) I can’t wait to read your article. It’s funny how there is this idea (that we sometimes buy into) that Inspiration flies in through a window and comes to rest on the shoulder of the artist (waiting patiently/quietly/passively at the easel/drawing board/typewriter) and that nothing creative can happen until Inspiration whispers wonderful and original ideas in the artist’s ear. No, I’m with Jack London on this one.

      1. I feel for the people who believe it. It was such a interesting idea, that I started fiddling with (ie. delaying) my little post. Not that you should feel obliged to read it, but *I* felt obliged to report. :):)

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