Originality is overrated

“We think of genius as the ability to dream up something never seen before. But originality is overrated. What matters more is reacting and responding and refining and adjusting and tweaking and struggling and sweating and polishing and finishing and delivering and making a difference.” Danny Gregory

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‘Tasman Bay’ is my latest creation, inspired by (i) recent conversations at The Christchurch Art Show, (ii) my memory of seeing Kaiteriteri Beach for the first time, and (iii) a Google Earth perspective of Tasman Bay, overlooking Takaka Hill with Nelson in the far distance. You can probably see the influence of Mr Vincent van Gogh in the hills and houses too ~ hardly surprising as I’ve been looking at a lot of his work lately.

The work in progress photos show the painting from initial composition, through the refining of colour and exploration of patterns in the landscape to what I think may now be the finished painting. I’m going to leave it alone for a few days and then come back to it and see what I think.

P.S. While originality may be overrated, that doesn’t mean that stealing is okay. Stealing is not okay. Stealing is bad. Influence, on the other hand, is inevitable.

My thanks to Danny Gregory for the original quote.

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