Head in the Clouds

‘Head in the Clouds’ acrylic on canvas, 500 x 500 mm, 2021. Available.

Don’t ask me where this is. It’s not important. It was late summer, early in the morning. The air was damp and the mountains were obscured by low cloud. We didn’t mind; there was beauty around every corner and we weren’t in a hurry. As the clouds began to lift and catch the light, the mood began to shift and the river tumbled on as if this had been nothing extraordinary.

Reference photo ~ somewhere in the South Island
‘Head in the Clouds’ detail
‘Head in the Clouds’ detail

6 thoughts on “Head in the Clouds

  1. A beautiful maybe fleeting moment captured there Anna …
    Love your interpretation ‘head in the clouds’ … the tiny bridge almost unseen at first glance there but such an important detail 🙂

    1. Thank you very much, Poppy. It was indeed a fleeting moment and truly beautiful. We were on our way to perform at a small music festival on the West Coast 🎶 so it was a memorable day for many reasons. And it is yet another painting I feel tempted to keep but, well, I can’t keep them all ~ I really can’t : )

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