Framing the view

Framing the view — acrylic on canvas, 190 x 480 mm, 2015. Private collection.

‘The View’ is a little something I made for this year’s Christmas market at Sumner.* The painting is of our beautiful Kaikoura coastline as seen from the Port Hills in Christchurch. I found a $5 frame at a recycling depot, removed the seriously ugly dried flower art that was in it, and painted a landscape on canvas to complement the mahogany-coloured wood (see photograph below). It was such a fun project, I may have to go in search of more frames that need rescuing.

*I’ll be selling my art cards and a few of my smaller paintings at the Sumner Market in Christchurch this coming Sunday 13th and also Sunday 20th December, 10 am – 2 pm.

Framing 'The View'
Framing ‘The View’

8 thoughts on “Framing the view

    1. Thanks, GM. Yes, the frame was a bit of a find. I went looking for more last week and found nothing even remotely suitable. Yes, hoping tomorrow will be a fine day for the market. I’ll keep you posted on how it all goes.

  1. Hope it’s gone well Anna ! A perfect fit for your painting is that frame . I loved the little of the Kaikoura coastline we explored , I would have liked a camper for some extra freedom to stop at some of the fantastic spots .

    1. Thanks, Poppy. Yes, Kaikoura is a beautiful part of the world and definitely worth exploring. As for today’s market… it went quite well but I’m finding it a bit tricky b/c we’re not under cover (paintings & cards don’t like sunshine OR rain). We started with a lovely sunny day and ended with a dramatic hail storm! Thankfully we saw it coming and managed to pack up before it hit. Better luck next week, as they say : )

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