6 thoughts on “Fiona’s business card

    1. Thanks. I’d love to help with your bookmarks etc. If you get in touch via my Contact page, I’m sure we’ll be able to sort something out : )

  1. Hi, well as the lucky recipient of this amazing Business card I really need to share my experience of its creation. Anna gave me home work, posing some questions to really get me thinking about what I was wanting to promote which was myself in this case, what I didn’t want associated with me, and some information about what the business would encompass. Anna heard me with her creative ear and translated that through her knowledge of business acumen, and personalised it into a package in such a way that it was able to encompass not only the ideas, but the essence behind them, which is ironically the very essence of what I do, to promote healthful wellbeing from within themselves. I am very grateful for the whole process and especially Anna herself.

    1. And from my point of view, Fiona, you were a dream client — you had a clear idea of what you wanted AND you gave me creative freedom. Thank you.

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