Happy Annaversary

Today is my blog’s first anniversary. Yes, it’s been a whole year since my first post. A little retrospective seems in order.

Here are my top ten posts based on your likes and comments. It’s interesting to see what made the list and what didn’t.

#1 Room with a view

#1 Room with a view

#2  Windermere (ink & watercolour)

#2 Windermere (ink & watercolour)

#3  Windermere (acrylic)

#3 Windermere (acrylic)

#4  Little bear

#4 Little bear

#5  Uncharted waters

#5 Uncharted waters

#6  Paradise

#6 Paradise

#7  Black bird on a grey day

#7 Black bird on a grey day

#8  Leaf study

#8 Leaf study

#9   Red sky at night

#9 Red sky at night

#10   Over the line – two hundred followers!

#10 Over the line – two hundred followers!

Of all the things I’ve drawn, painted and designed over the last year, the little sparrow watercolour (below) — which didn’t make it into the top ten — is my personal favourite : )

On a good day...

On a good day…

Thank you all for your interest in this blog and for liking what I do.

12 thoughts on “Happy Annaversary

    1. Anna Cull Post author

      Thank you! Danny’s books are wonderful, aren’t they? I’ve lost track of the number of people I’ve told about The Creative License : )

  1. poppytump

    …. puffed out Poppy rushing in late with >>>> *Congratulations* on your Annaversary 🙂
    I think No 7 was the very first one of your paintings I saw on your blog Anna . I love the variety of your blog posts and appreciate your encouragement too .
    I know there’s more on that theme to see as I play catch up 🙂


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