Happy Annaversary

Today is my blog’s first anniversary. Yes, it’s been a whole year since my first post. A little retrospective seems in order.

Here are my top ten posts based on your likes and comments. It’s interesting to see what made the list and what didn’t.

#1 Room with a view
#1 Room with a view
#2  Windermere (ink & watercolour)
#2 Windermere (ink & watercolour)
#3  Windermere (acrylic)
#3 Windermere (acrylic)
#4  Little bear
#4 Little bear
#5  Uncharted waters
#5 Uncharted waters
#6  Paradise
#6 Paradise
#7  Black bird on a grey day
#7 Black bird on a grey day
#8  Leaf study
#8 Leaf study
#9   Red sky at night
#9 Red sky at night
#10   Over the line – two hundred followers!
#10 Over the line – two hundred followers!

Of all the things I’ve drawn, painted and designed over the last year, the little sparrow watercolour (below) — which didn’t make it into the top ten — is my personal favourite : )

On a good day...
On a good day…

Thank you all for your interest in this blog and for liking what I do.

12 thoughts on “Happy Annaversary

  1. …. puffed out Poppy rushing in late with >>>> *Congratulations* on your Annaversary 🙂
    I think No 7 was the very first one of your paintings I saw on your blog Anna . I love the variety of your blog posts and appreciate your encouragement too .
    I know there’s more on that theme to see as I play catch up 🙂

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